Our favorite albums & films of 2013

Another year has come to a close. We personally feel that this year was an incredible one for music and film. Below is a list of some of our favorites.

James Blake – Overgrown Gravity
Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
Charli XCX – True Romance
Sigur Ros – Kveikur
Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

Susanne Sundfør / silicone veil – is the best
Kanye West / Yeezus – live, it’s the best art installation I’ve seen.
Queens of the Stone Age / …Like clockwork – josh homme is better than every other guitar player in his class
Vampire Weekend / Modern Vampires of The City – if you still think it’s rich kid rock, you aren’t listening. I was put in my place.

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Paper Route Update

Friends, Family, Fans,

As summer turns to fall, change is afoot for Paper Route. We’ve been locked away in a cabin, writing, recording, and feeling more excited and inspired than ever about what we are creating. But amidst the excitement, we have bittersweet news to share about our friend and drummer Gavin.

After spending some of the greatest and hardest moments of …our last 7 years together, Gav is moving on to other endeavors and will no longer be part of the band. Although his drumming and companionship will be sorely missed and never replaced, we love him and wish him all the best. He joined Paper Route as our friend, and he leaves as one. Send him your love in the comments below.

Because of the change, we’ll be pushing back our upcoming Atlanta and Nashville shows to December 11th and 12th respectively. Tickets already purchased will be honored for the rescheduled dates, and L.A. and our festival shows are still on as planned.

Crossroads like these force oneself to ask some difficult, soul-searching questions. We truly believe our best music is still ahead of us. We no longer have the luxury of naïveté like we did when we made Absence. Nor do we have the crippling pressures that accompanied The Peace of Wild Things. These things have been replaced with bravery and confidence. There is nothing more dangerous than a man (or band) with nothing left to lose.

Enough with all this melodramatic rhetoric. Gotta get back to work so we can bring you new music as soon as possible. We owe it to you.

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Chad & JT
Paper Route


Hello everyone,

So – As it turns out, we aren’t that awesome at doing things like …….World Wide Web updates (hides face in shame)! As history has shown us before, we tend to lock ourselves in the studio and forget people might actually want to know what’s happening. My fading optimism persuades me to believe this is a good thing… that we are still making music for ourselves… that we still are chasing our own passion and vision, and not hypnotized by our phones and screens thinking everyone is down on bended knee for Paper Route updates. But in reality, I guess I could just say -‘we’re really busy, sorry.’- And with that, here is a small list I have made titled “Paper Route Delivers Their News” to both update everyone and salute the wonderful online and printed press people who have used creative headlines similar to this.

Paper Route Delivers Their News!

– We’re writing. A lot of songs. The most we’ve ever written. I can say with much conviction we will be just as excited to release the B-Sides of this album as we will be the Album itself.

– We’re planning a few shows for later this year, we will post the dates immediately after they’re confirmed.

– We still owe everyone the last song in our cover series. This is my fault. No one else’s. Everyone can blame me. Including Chad and Gavin. SORRY GUYS! But i’m working on it right now. Give me a few.Tanya murray south america extravaganza

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Meanderings From A Recovering Insomniac

Meanderings From A Recovering Insomniac

Merry springtime everyone! We hope this message finds you well. We’ve been busy working on various projects, but we have mostly been focusing on writing new songs for LP3. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of fun stress. Such is the life of a band. We are all drawing inspiration from a variety of places, some similar to each other and some disparate. What do we want to do next? What do we want to say? Do we need to make another album? What’s left inside the creative gas tank? Anything at all? Nothing? Well maybe we aren’t going to operate on gasoline anymore. Maybe the tank IS empty. Maybe that’s ok. Maybe we are going electric (like a car or Bob Dylan, take your pick). The greatest artists find new ways to stay inspired and challenge themselves. Those are the models we are currently looking to. How do you do something new and interesting without abandoning everything you’ve built? Well, I guess the answer is you just do it. You act your age. Be fearless. Act like a kid. Chase your anxiety. Follow your instinct. Reject what comes naturally. Do what comes easily. Overthink. Under think. Take a drive. Surprise yourself. Set your alarm. Set off the alarm. Cross a county line. Cross a hallway. Fake it. Trust it. Fight it. Get lost. Get found. Taste it. Throw it out. Abandon it. Go down with the ship. Hide your flaws. Exploit them. Experiment. Let others down. Think of others. Tell her you love Taste of fashion with fascinating miu miu handbags

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buy Signed copy of Absence or The peace of wild things

If you’d like to purchase a signed copy of The Peace of Wild Things or Absence on Vinyl or CD email paperrouteinformation@gmail.com.
You will receive a response from us requesting certain info.
~Please specify which album and what format.
~If you’d like it personalized or customized please inform us in detail.
~You MUST have a paypal account.
~WE ONLY SHIP to USA (Excluding Alaska, HawaiI)
Here’s what’s available:
The Peace of Wild Things – Vinyl ($30, includes S&H)
The Peace of Wild Things – CD ($15, includes S&H)
Absence – Vinyl ($30, includes S&H)

Any order placed before May 1 will shipTax package appears headed for passage in senate

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t yours now!


Taxation of emotional distress damages Burberry Outlet UK

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march 2014 update

Dear friends,
The last year and a half has been incredible for us, thanks to you. The process of making The Peace of Wild Things was such a whirlwind of change for the band and for each member personally. The majority of that change was hard, nearly fatal for Paper Route in many ways, but we’re writing this today to let you know we are fully alive and well. It was encouraging to see so many of you at shows this last year, some multiple times. We were gone much more than we were home, and we knew that we had made the right choice by sticking it out and finishing The Peace of Wild Things and touring relentlessly on it. And now….we look to the future.
Currently, we are in Nashville seeing friends, loved ones, having bonfires, and finding inspiration. More importantly though, we are writing our next album. We feel like this one will be really special, so be patient with us. You will get as many updates, videos, teasers etc. as we can come up with to keep the fire burning. We are in this together. Many of you have been supporting us since 2006 (first music released), or 2008 when we entered the chaotic world of touring. You are all why we’re still here, and we thank you.

Enough with the formalities, we’re off to write our best album yet……

Paper Route (JT, Gavin, Chad)

Paper route covers Say My Name by Destiny’s Child

The second cover in our series of covers this winter was released late last week. We chose Say My Name for a few reasons, the main being that we really want to enjoy this whole covers idea and do things that may be way out of our comfort zone. We obsess over many types of artists and bands, and the beautiful ladies who made up Destiny’s Child had three massive fans here. We’ll more than likely never write a song that sounds or feels like this song, so please enjoy it as we experiment. We are already excited for the next one!

Tidewater z car club

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Paper Route Covers Royals by Lorde

Dear paper boys and paper dolls,

We recorded and released a cover of “Royals” by the lovely artist Lorde. It’s technically our first cover we’ve ever done (at least in years), and we are thrilled to share it with you.

We’ll be releasing more covers throughout the season so stay tuned for more!

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Shane’s three sisters crystal, 29;Amber, 25;And ashley, 21 tried in http://www.swft.co.uk vain to talk him out of joining the army, his family said. “I [also] tried, but once he sets his mind to something, he stays with it.So i had to come to terms with it,”Said his mother, dena penley.

Up til now, the company had forecast at least seven per cent higher swft sales and and nonspecified but superior increase in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization(Ebitda).Last year, hugo boss bounced back from a crisis with its best results ever, including an 11 per cent jump in sales to 1.73 billion euros(S$3 billion)And a net benefit that soared by 82 per cent to 189.2 million euros.Ebitda before exceptional items was 31 per cent higher at almost 350 million euros, and the group will propose a doubling of its dividends, to 2.02 euros for ordinary shares and 2.03 euros for preferential ones, the statement said.

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Birdhouse Auction for Abolition International

LISTEN UP! Less than 24 hours to make a bid on the birdhouse we painted for @AbolitionINTL. Helps support quality aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking. bit.ly/abolitionintl Tica que combina el confort con el estilo en http://www.swft.co.uk three dots

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