New Paper Boy

Forgive us for not updating you sooner. Things have been busy as always in the land of Paper Route. The biggest change that has happened recently is that we have added a new member to our band.

Nicholas J. Aranda has been playing guitar with us since 2012, touring with us full time in support of The Peace Of Wild Things. He has made JT and I better, and the roles in the studio are blurred more than ever now, which is so freeing. Music aside, Nick is a true artist and brings an energy to the band that we never had before. It’s difficult to put into words, especially when you are talking about concepts like band chemistry, but we know that the band feels glued together. We are stronger than ever, and the limited touring we’ve done recently has been the most joy filled experiences we’ve had on the road, and Nick is a huge part of that.

Find Nick online and welcome him to the official Paper Route family.


Chad & JT

P.S. We have MORE exciting news to announce very soon. Stay tuned.