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Friends, Family, Fans,

As summer turns to fall, change is afoot for Paper Route. We’ve been locked away in a cabin, writing, recording, and feeling more excited and inspired than ever about what we are creating. But amidst the excitement, we have bittersweet news to share about our friend and drummer Gavin.

After spending some of the greatest and hardest moments of …our last 7 years together, Gav is moving on to other endeavors and will no longer be part of the band. Although his drumming and companionship will be sorely missed and never replaced, we love him and wish him all the best. He joined Paper Route as our friend, and he leaves as one. Send him your love in the comments below.

Because of the change, we’ll be pushing back our upcoming Atlanta and Nashville shows to December 11th and 12th respectively. Tickets already purchased will be honored for the rescheduled dates, and L.A. and our festival shows are still on as planned.

Crossroads like these force oneself to ask some difficult, soul-searching questions. We truly believe our best music is still ahead of us. We no longer have the luxury of naïveté like we did when we made Absence. Nor do we have the crippling pressures that accompanied The Peace of Wild Things. These things have been replaced with bravery and confidence. There is nothing more dangerous than a man (or band) with nothing left to lose.

Enough with all this melodramatic rhetoric. Gotta get back to work so we can bring you new music as soon as possible. We owe it to you.

Chad & JT
Paper Route

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  1. jeff
    jeff says:

    bummed to hear this news. that guy was one of the most passionate drummers I have ever seen live! wish him luck with his new endeavors and hope you guys are all doing ok with the changes. hoping to see you in LA next month! keep making the most amazing music out there

  2. Zepaw
    Zepaw says:

    Sorry to see him go but wishing him and you both the continued best. I get very excited when I hear you say your best music is ahead of you because your previous work has been so fantastic you’ve set yourself quite the bar to pass.

  3. Austin
    Austin says:

    I hate to see Gavin go. He was the first person I met when I heard Paper Route live for the first time. It’s a sad moment, but I’m sure Gavin is moving on to better things and I KNOW Paper Route has even better music to come!

    P.S. Come back to Dallas!

  4. Calvin
    Calvin says:

    Gavin, my girlfriend & I had the pleasure of speaking with you for a few minutes at the Montreal show. Your authenticity and kindness were a highlight of our experience at the show. Thank you for sharing your talent & love with the Paper Route world.

  5. Josiah
    Josiah says:

    Paper Route is a band that creates beautiful and inspirational music one can relate to in a way that’s really quite extraordinary. In saying that, I know Gavin was a part of stirring those emotions in your listeners hearts and I’m utterly sad to see him go. I can only give one bit of advice, “A better life is waitin’.”

  6. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Gavin will be sorely missed, most notably by the band I’m sure. All the best to you, Gavin, for the days and years to come. And as for the rest of the boys, looking forward to some sweet tunes from a group of dedicated and passionate artists. Absence makes the heart grow stronger, and peace leads to progress, so let’s hear what the end of 2014/2015 has to say.

  7. Beth
    Beth says:

    You guys have been awesome together for a long time, and I know your awesomeness will continue! Gavin, congratulations on your new endeavors! I am praying for you as you push past your limits and for expanded creativity. To the rest of the band, praying for open doors and for new sounds of epically awesome awesomeness!!!! 🙂

  8. Sean Q. Gallagher
    Sean Q. Gallagher says:

    I just heard your music for the first time (i think) last night at a Colton Dixon concert in Atlanta. The sound crew used “Glass Heart Hymnn” to warm up the speakers. I did a search on DuckDuckGo with the lyrics, after the beat caught my attention, and the “hallelujah chorus” held it. I was so captured, that I broke my cardinal rule, and pulled out my phone and used it in public (I felt so rude). I found your site and just wanted to offer a word of encouragement.

    Your music is powerful and honest. I will be buying it. I hope you can find a way to continue making more!

    After reading through several of your posts, here is my free, unsolicited advice – one artist to another.

    God made the world. He saw that it was “Good”. But even though it was good, there was an emptiness in just sitting back and admiring all by Himself. So we were created to give Him an audience. In Genesis 1:26 we can read “Then God said: Let us make human beings in our image, after our likeness.” If God creates, and then builds and audience, and we are “like” Him, then it is our calling to build and audience for the things we “create”.

    I know that we artists think that our work is so inspired, so incredible, so enormous, that the universe will seek it out. That’s not God’s way. If you’re doing it for yourself, you’re being selfish. The definition of art means it’s made to be shared. You have to get out of your cocoon once in a while and build a following, a tribe if you will, that will listen to your story and support you financially. Money is not the boogey-man – it’s just the fuel to power your insatiable desire to create.

    It is completely up to YOU to build that following, even as you are building your repertoire of music. If you lock yourself away and only create, your next great work will be like the proverbial tree falling in a forest, which no one hears. God didn’t allow that to happen with His creation. Will you let it happen with yours?

  9. Sayer
    Sayer says:

    I hate to hear this news of Gavin leaving, it makes me sad. But Both PP and Gavin have bright futures ahead whether together or apart. I can’t wait to hear future material from PP and whatever projects Gavin has going on. Good luck to all of you! PP is one of my biggest inspirations as an aspiring musician. Keep it up! (Btw come back to Houston so I can see y’all live for the first time)

  10. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    One of the most entertaining drummers I’ve ever seen. Gavin you play harder and faster and put more into the songs you are playing than most I have ever seen and I wish you well!

    My wife and I have had the pleasure of seeing most every paper route show in and around Houston, y’all are awesome and we look forward to seeing y’all again even with out that hat wearing bad ass drummer!

    Keep writing and keep performing and more importantly come back to Houston when y’all are ready 🙂


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