Meanderings From A Recovering Insomniac

Meanderings From A Recovering Insomniac

Merry springtime everyone! We hope this message finds you well. We’ve been busy working on various projects, but we have mostly been focusing on writing new songs for LP3. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of fun stress. Such is the life of a band. We are all drawing inspiration from a variety of places, some similar to each other and some disparate. What do we want to do next? What do we want to say? Do we need to make another album? What’s left inside the creative gas tank? Anything at all? Nothing? Well maybe we aren’t going to operate on gasoline anymore. Maybe the tank IS empty. Maybe that’s ok. Maybe we are going electric (like a car or Bob Dylan, take your pick). The greatest artists find new ways to stay inspired and challenge themselves. Those are the models we are currently looking to. How do you do something new and interesting without abandoning everything you’ve built? Well, I guess the answer is you just do it. You act your age. Be fearless. Act like a kid. Chase your anxiety. Follow your instinct. Reject what comes naturally. Do what comes easily. Overthink. Under think. Take a drive. Surprise yourself. Set your alarm. Set off the alarm. Cross a county line. Cross a hallway. Fake it. Trust it. Fight it. Get lost. Get found. Taste it. Throw it out. Abandon it. Go down with the ship. Hide your flaws. Exploit them. Experiment. Let others down. Think of others. Tell her you love her. Have a sip. Go for a run. Pick up a raquet. Turn off the subtitles. Buy more vinyl. Give the homeless guy a buck. Read Proverbs. Do a crossword. Ask for help. Write the script. Over deliver. Meditate under a blanket. Rebuild a bridge. Get on a plane. Celebrate. Think of yourself less. Drink coffee. Think of yourself even less. More coffee. Be grateful. Imagine. Think unrealistically. Pay your taxes. Give a ride to the airport. Trade with a stranger. Plant a garden. Fill the canvas. Choose family. Mow the yard. Iron your shirt. Take your vitamins. Call your grandma if she’s still around. Put off procrastination. Add hot sauce. Listen to Jeff Buckley. Blow out the candles. Surround yourself, for a moment. Isolate yourself, for a moment. Mourn the death of mix CDs. Open the window. Do the dishes. Prep the coffee for the morning. Buy organic. Pack a lunch. Put on headphones. Forgive people who don’t ask for it. Say you’re sorry. Think of yourself less. Try tea. Make a new friend. Dream. Roll the dice. Be thankful. Pray. Make music. Go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day.


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