Ask Paper Route Video – Paper Route Answers YOUR Questions

A few weeks ago, we asked you guys to submit YOUR questions for us, and we got flooded with hundreds of thought-provoking, humorous and interesting questions. We chose our favorites and you can watch our answers in these videos. We hope you dig!

12 responses to “Ask Paper Route Video – Paper Route Answers YOUR Questions”


    Great and informative answers guys!

  2. Ivey

    The part about the Yellow Submarine cracked me up! I’m excited about part 2.

  3. Josh

    Bloopers on my birthday! I like it. :)

  4. Andrea

    I love the thoroughness of your answers, its so fun to hear a band answer questions with detail rather than one sentence. it makes us feel like we are behind the scenes with you and part of the process. Saw you guys last night and you did fantastic!

  5. Dark

    Thank you! I can’t wait for the next video! :) You sure did make my day twice as better! :)

  6. MJ_Q

    Thanks guys. Looking forward to Part 2. Have a great time with Switchfoot for these last few shows and I look forward to the chance to see you out on the road headlining, drinking coffee, and exploring a city near me sometime soon. Cheers!

  7. Jeff Caston

    letting you let go #3? how about a download of that ;)

    maybe some b-sides? we want more!

    love the interview. where the heck were you guys?

  8. Candice Gallegos

    Thanks guys!! You didn’t answer my questions but I guess I can forgive you.
    And I have to say, when you guys performed at Schubas in Chicago..
    I was thrilled to be way up front. It was one of the best concerts I’ve
    been to. I’ve been to Coldplay, Young the Giant, Smashing pumpkins ,
    and Third Eye blind all within the last couple months soooo that means a lot!
    Something is so special about each of you. How did you become so cool? After that show I walked by and said a quick thank you, I was so happy to be able to tell you that in person bc your music has helped me in many ways. Come back to Chicago soon!! Milwaukee is also fun..;)

  9. Josh

    Whoa! I got called out, haha. One of the bummers of living in a small Ohio town, I don’t get out too much for shows and things. It is on my list of things I MUST do though. Hopefully I’ll see you guys next time you are up here.

  10. Alex J. Cairns

    Thanks fo pronouncing “Cairns” haha!! Seriously solid answers, I’ll hookup with my bway buddies and we’ll make those happen lol! Awesome video.

  11. Parker Rudolph

    COME TO HOUSTON! We miss you down here!

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