“You and I” – Video Premiere

From Spinner.com:

Listen to your conscience.

So says the note vocalist J.T. Daly wakes up to find in Paper Route‘s newest video. Shot in a black-and-white world of years passed, “You and I” has the Nashville-based band on a rescue mission.

“I’ve always wanted to work with the Smark Mark guys,” Daly tells Spinner of the production team. “I think they’re incredible artists and we’ve always seemed to be running parallel to each other with vision. This video as a whole, I think, captured every hidden image to this song. On first read of the director’s treatment, I was a bit frightened at how on point they were with my subconscious.”

Daly’s subconscious, it seems, leans towards the film-noir side.

“I get to punch someone, ride a motorcycle, and I get the girl,” he says. “We signed off after first read.”

Watch the video for “You and I” below and check the band’s sophomore release, The Peace of the Wild Things, when it drops on Sept. 11.

Relevant Magazine: “Paper Route’s Long Road”

Relevant Magazine recently spoke with JT for an exclusive interview on “the nightmare that has been his past couple years, the creativity that the band has found in it and where one goes to find peace in the midst of wild things.” Read the full interview HERE.


How are you feeling about the new album?

Anxious … relieved … those are the first two things that come to mind. Anxious because it’s still—I feel like the planet has been spinning in a way that is stopping the release of this album, and we finally have a release date, we finally have our perfect team. We’re relieved and it’s time to get rid of it, it’s time to get on with our lives and start thinking about other things. I would almost argue that every single obstacle that could have stopped our heartbeat as a band has been presented before us. Business-wise on every level what you would expect from a band drama-wise, and just the reality of the fact that you have a whole bunch of people whose lives are colliding and you function as a unit. Just the ins and outs of daily survival and learning how to be there for each other when life happens. We’ve experienced all of that. From cancer to death in the family, to divorce, to financial mysteries—every single thing we’ve had to be resilient and overcome for us to even get to a spot where we can release this album.

From cancer to death in the family, to divorce, to financial mysteries—every single thing we’ve had to be resilient and overcome for us to even get to a spot where we can release this album.

Do you feel like you the success of [the first album] had anything to do with that?

Success is such a broad term. We never really experienced any success in the obvious things. It’s not like we were dealing with drug overdoses and too many models in our hotel rooms—that was never our battle. It was really just … just life got really bad. Life got really heavy, really fast. I think we’ve always made music and made art out of those moments. I think that we’re just ready as a band to celebrate those things, rather than mourn them. I think that season as a band is kind of coming to a close. I don’t think you have to be miserable to make heavy art. I think, personally, that life happened—the band was just there. The band kind of became this refuge in a mansion we found in Nashville, Tenn. It kind of just became an escape. We could go there and just hide, and write a song knowing that we were kind of sheltered from the storm outside.

A lot of people would probably say that pain is the best conduit to making good art. But you think celebration is just as good?

I do. Everyone is different, and I am relentless in my sense of hope in people—to a fault. That’s probably what’s caused me the most pain in life, that I almost have too much hope in people and I get wounded in that. I feel as if there’s something redemptively beautiful in every single person. I just got machine gunned down in the last couple of years. I think that I really do just believe that it’s possible to look back with more clarity once you’ve properly mourned something. I think you can look back with clarity and really speak into the darkest moments of your life.


Album Update + Pre-Order + ‘You And I’ Release / Music Video

This fall, we have booked 2 weeks of headlining shows followed by a couple of Mutemath shows to get started. After that we will join Switchfoot on their Fall Tour for a series of shows across the United States! Head over to the Tour section for cities, venues and ticketing info.
A pre-order for the The Peace of Wild Things will be available very soon! You can expect some very unique and special things to be available for it. There will be handmade art work and more. We’re extremely excited to finally offer a vinyl edition of the album as well. Today marks one month exactly until the release of The Peace of Wild Things (sep 11) and we are extremely anxious for that day to come and to start playing these new songs live.

In other news, there’s some more activity in Paper Route world. Our song ‘You And I’ will be released this Tuesday for purchase on iTunes everywhere. We also have finished a music video for it, directed by SmarkMark, which we are very excited for you all to see. We filmed the majority of it at the abandoned and haunting Tennessee State Prison. This was a very memorable experience for us. It’s a place that everyone in Nashville knows about, but since they don’t allow visitors most of us knew only stories passed down and rumors. It truly is a time capsule that has captured the discomfort and pain that was once the inmates life. It makes for an incredible video shoot location though.

Hope to see you out on the road!

– Gavin