‘The Peace of Wild Things’ coming 9.11.12 + Album Cover

It is with great pleasure to announce that we now have a release date set of September 11, 2012 for our second album “The Peace of Wild Things.” Not only that but we are streaming our new single ‘You And I‘ on our Soundcloud page. We’re also very proud to unveil our album cover, which is a photo taken by our friend Alex Stoddard along with art direction by JT Daly.

We are on the road right now for a couple weeks playing shows along the east coast and midwest with our friend Halfnoise www.halfnoise.us. Be sure to check our tour dates (546.08d.myftpupload.com/tour) so you don’t miss a show or when we announce future tours to support our new album (which will be much more exhaustive and far spread).

We can’t express enough how much we appreciate all of you who support us, follow us, share us with your friends, come to our shows, buy our merch, and just enjoy our music. We honestly may not have made it through this last season if it weren’t for you. We could possibly be content to make music for ourselves in our bedroom and give each other high fives, but the thought of releasing and sharing this record which we’ve worked so hard on with you is so much more appealing. We encourage you to share our music, videos, live shows, and whatever else you like about us with your friends, classmates, colleagues, lovers, ex’s, and anyone else of your choice. It really is the best way this will grow, and the more it grows the more we are able to tour and share our art with you.

Make sure to stay in touch as there are many more things to share with you as we get closer to September.


Paper Route/HalfNoise Poster Giveaway + New Album Update

Summer has arrived and we are kicking ours off with a week long tour with HalfNoise. Starting next Tuesday June 19th, you can find us at venues all up and down the east coast playing select songs from Absence as well as some new tunes from our upcoming album, The Peace of Wild Things. For more info check out our tour dates.

Fans who purchase tickets to our run of shows with HalfNoise online will receive a free tour poster designed by our own JT Daly. The poster (as shown below) is only available through this special online deal. For more information on how to secure your poster, please visit http://546.08d.myftpupload.com/poster

We have been hard at work finalizing the details for our second album titled “The Peace of Wild Things”. For those of you who have followed us over the last couple of years know that it has been a long process. The last month has proved to be very productive and we are very excited to announce a release date within the next week. Stay tuned to our website or social media sites for the latest information. We are in the process of booking a more extensive tour to promote The Peace of Wild Things and are extremely excited to see all of your beautiful faces again.

Paper Route + HalfNoise Tour Poster

– P A P E R R O U T E