“Absence” 3 Year Anniversary Contest

Hello friends,
Our first full length album “Absence” turns three years old today! It’s been an incredible journey and we are so grateful to every one of you that has been on that journey with us. Because of all your suppport, we are close to putting out our second album and have traveled all over North America and Europe doing what we love. So we thank you. In honor of this occasion, we’d like to do something to reflect on this record. A contest of sorts…

THE RULES: Simple…
1. Do something creative to show how much “Absence” means to you.
You can cover a song, write a story that relates to the record (i.e. the first time you saw us live, your first kiss was to a certain song, it helped you through a tragic time, etc.), draw a picture, paint a painting and so on..

You’ll have two weeks to complete whatever it is that you choose to do. Once you have completed it, email it to absencecontest@gmail.com. We will choose one winner. A prize has not yet been selected but think along the lines of: free tickets to shows, free merchandise, meet and greet with the band, a signed copy of The Peace of Wild Things when it’s released, or some/all of the above! We will announce what the winner will receive as soon as we work out the details. Our goal is also to exhibit many other submissions on our tumblr, website, instagram and facebook. If you would not like to have your submission shared with others, please say so in your email.

Do not send questions to absencecontest@gmail.com, but rather to any social media outlet, or in the comments section of this post.

Let the games begin!

– P A P E R R O U T E

Update + JT releases solo album “Memory”

Hello everyone,

We’d like to give you a quick update on all things Paper Route…

Gavin recently got back from a short stint playing drums for Canon Blue on the Boxer Rebellion tour. He is also diving into the world of remixes so wish him luck as he dusts off the ol’ MPC. I, (www.chadhowat.com) just finished producing and mixing the latest full length album from Brooke Waggoner, who is currently playing keys for Jack White!
But let’s get to the real news of the hour…JT has released a solo album!!! Since we have not been able to release “The Peace Of Wild Things” yet, JT has taken this opportunity to release an album entitled “Memory” which is available at: http://Jtdalyart.546.08d.myftpupload.com/ This is a collection of songs he wrote a couple years back which, for one reason or another, did not become Paper Route songs. It is a deeply personal collection of songs that he wanted to release, and Gavin and I encouraged him to do so. I remember listening to it for the first time in the van a couple years back and was blown away. You will be too.
Also, we will be featured in a new episode of Audio Files on May 3 on BYU TV. We had a lot of fun creating new ways to play our songs for the filming we did a few months back. You can see a preview here.

Here is an incomplete list of our upcoming summer shows, with more to be added soon:

May 18 – Cincinatti, OH – MOTR Pub
May 19 – Akron, Ohio – Musica
May 20 – Columbus, Ohio – Skully’s

May 31 – Birmingham, Al – Workplay
June 1 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade

June 28 – Memphis, TN – Hi-Tone
June 29 – Springfield, MO – TBA
June 30 – St Louis, MO – TBA

The band is, indeed, alive and well. While we are frustrated that we’ve not been able to get this album out yet, we are busy rehearsing and are planning on playing at least half of the new album live as possible. We are venturing into new territory, so please come out to a show and watch us play these songs for the first time. Your support means a lot to us and your encouragement is invaluable.

on behalf of the band

PS We will be announcing another half dozen dates in the very near future.

Update – The Peace of Wild Things

Hey everyone,

      We apologize for the radio silence regarding our new album.  Due to mergers, acquisitions, and the state of the industry, we have cut ties with our previous label (which is a really good thing).  We are now in the process of securing a new and exciting home for releasing The Peace Of Wild Things.  We have been EXTREMELY frustrated that we’ve not been able to release this album yet.  If it were up to us, it would’ve come out a long time ago and we would’ve been touring non-stop.  We will make this happen, but we unfortunately need more time to figure out how we are going to achieve this.  Our priority is releasing this album as soon as possible whilst maintaining both integrity and intent with the release.  We think the album will be worth the wait and will continue to update you in the interim.  Thank you for your continued patience!  Your response to the few new songs that are floating around out there has re-engergized us and we are determined to get you the whole album as soon as possible. We love you all!!

Truly yours,
Chad, JT, & Gavin
Paper Route