Fragments Of Thought On The Beatles; by Chad

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Fragments Of Thought On The Beatles
by Chad

Recently I had the pleasure of watching a documentary on George Harrison.  I kept thinking, “people probably consider him the third best writer in The Beatles, but on the same token, couldn’t he also possibly be considered the third best songwriter of all time?”  I mean, maybe it’s arguable, maybe it’s not, but Something and While My Guitar Gently Weeps are 2 of my favorite Beatles songs, without a doubt.  Somedays (many actually), George is my favorite Beatle.  Who is yours?  Why?  

I don’t quite understand the people who say, “I don’t like the Beatles, but I respect what they did”.  That blows my mind.  How can someone not like the Beatles?!  What sort of music are you into right now?  Pop? Rock? Avant garde? The Beatles did it better than anyone else we may be listening to, and they did it first.  More creative than Radiohead, more catchy than Justin Timberlake, more raw than The Black Keys, more creative production than Timbaland or whoever the super producer du jour is today….the list goes on and on.  

And while we are on the subject, can we talk about Ringo for a bit?  For some reason, growing up I always remember people making fun of him, but I’d like to go on record and say that his drum parts are extremely musical.  I could probably sing to you every single fill Ringo ever played.  The beat he came up with for Come Together is insane.  He listens to the vocals before he creates his drum parts.  I can’t emphasize this enough when I’m talking to drummers or working in the studio.  I can walk into any Guitar Center and find some dude who can shred on the drums, but when I leave, what will I take with me?  Ringo’s drumming always hit in the right places.  He was playing melodies.  

Okay, sorry for the digression.  Perhaps I need to devote another blog purely to Ringo.  My fear is that if you are of the younger generation, you might not even own a Beatles album!  If you don’t, this is what I’d recommend:  
First, ask for a Beatles album for Christmas.  You’ll thank me later, and I’m sure Santa will be happy to oblige.  Second, pick YOUR FAVORITE artist you are currently listening to.  Do some research and find out who their biggest influence was.  Check out that band and see what they were doing and find out who THEIR biggest influence was.  Repeat this process a few times, and undoubtedly, I bet you’ll end up at The Beatles.  


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